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Macro Vs Micro Conversions in Google Analytics


“Focus on measuring your macro (overall) conversions, but for optimal awesomeness identify and measure your micro conversions as well” –Avinash Kaushik, Google Evangelist. So your company’s website is awesome. You are really happy with its layout. It has amazing content that is extremely ... Read more


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Google Shopping Ireland


The eCommerce environment in Ireland is set for a shake up in 2014 as Google plans to introduce its shopping comparison product, imaginatively titled Google Shopping, to the market. The product has been available in the US and the UK for the last number of years as a free product – but has since c... Read more


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Understanding Remarketing for Search Ads with Google Adwords


Understanding Remarketing for Search Ads The concept of Remarketing or Retargeting is regarded as a very powerful advertising tool across the digital landscape as it provides an opportunity to get in front of a customer who has already engaged with your website and your brand. Traditionally ... Read more



Auction Insights – How to Use


Google Adwords Auction Insights is a tool created by Google to allow Adwords customers to view their competitors campaign performance under five distinct metrics. These metrics are average position, impression share, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page rate. This allows marketers... Read more


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Foursquare think outside the box


Foursquare, the latest social network on the block is back in the headlines this week. The British Telegraph reported yesterday (Monday 19th of July) that Foursquare is in talks with “everyone”, including the three major search engine giants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft regarding a data partnersh... Read more