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What’s new in Social Media?


Twitter The latest from Twitter is that they are testing to allow users to re-tweet with a comment. This appears as an image with space to comment under 140 characters. Previously if users wanted to comment on a re-tweet they had the option to quote the tweet and add in their own thoughts along wit... Read more



Do You Want to Share Your Secrets? Let’s get brands on board.


Here at Radical, we were tickled pink to read the Guardian’s comprehensive take on the digital universe in the publication’s Weekend edition. An in-depth and somewhat quirky look (check out the watch your social media manners piece!) at this ever evolving space, it illustrated yet again the i... Read more


Social Media

Makeover Your Face (book Page)


New Facebook page layout on the horizon The change in layout to Facebook pages isn’t fresh news but the changes are due to take effect permanently on March 10th so if you haven’t got your head around the new layout yet, now is the time to do it! If you use Facebook for a brand you will be fam... Read more


Social Media

The British Monarchy Gets Down With The Social People


Yes, for those of you who were not aware Buckingham Palace ‘likes’ the internet and even better the social web! The British Monarchy (BM) joined Facebook in mid September 2010 and but have been active on Twitter for much longer. Last week’s announcement of Prince William’s engagement sparked... Read more


Social Media

Myspace Redesign to Appeal to Generation Y


As we know Generation Y is the term used for the elusive 13 – 35 year old market. This group was known to be notoriously difficult to market to until a little thing called social media came along to help out. Now Myspace has realised it is seriously missing out on their chunk of this Y-pie. Yes... Read more