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Social Media Emergency…Learnings while stuck in a Lift


On Friday, seven of the team in @RadicalDublin were stuck in a lift. First off, to get the important facts out of the way: we were saved in about 30 minutes by the efficient team who are helping us remodel the Core Media offices on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, we had food and drink (we’d just been to get lunch), we had plenty of phone signal and 3G coverage, and everyone was safe and sound at the end of the day. :) But what the dramatic Friday afternoon experience taught us all was a couple of interesting nuggets about the power of social media.

#SocialNugget1: The unique experience created the perfect ‘social currency’ to award great engagement on all of our personal social media accounts. I believe there were 3 Facebook posts about the situation (with all involved tagged) within 2 minutes of being stuck between floors.

#SocialNugget2: The first person to report the news is bound to get the most engagement. Given that all of the team in @RadicalDublin would be of similar social influence online, it was clear that the variable for highest engagement was timing. Mary of #TeamSocial was first off the mark, and while only seconds later I also posted a photo, Mary’s post got 20 comments and 14 ‘likes’ within minutes.

#SocialNugget3: Our social media engagement spread the news quicker than any other form of communication, and got everyone working together on a solution. While we called all of the necessary people first, and gave a few old fashioned shouts of ‘Help!’ before posting online, it took only minutes for the majority of those in the office to know we were stuck in the lift, and therefore meant the urgency of the situation was amplified. While we can’t look too scientifically at the situation, we’d conclude that we’d have been stuck in the lift for at least 10 to 15 minutes longer had it not been for our social media engagement.

#SocialNugget4: Real world experiences are enhanced when you share and converse about them online. We often hear those who ‘disbelieve’ in social media talking about how it’s a shame that we can no longer interact face to face because of our ‘addiction’ to social media. However, this is the perfect example of how the experience was made better because we were able to immediately engage with all of our friends and family about the situation, and the experience was extended because of updates throughout the day on Facebook (photos of our rescue, words of endearment, etc).

#SocialNugget5: This is just a bit of fun. While I’m not lying, we were stuck in a lift...I’m not implying that we couldn’t have learned all of these things in less dramatic of circumstances. But it did lead me to reflect on just how integral social media is in our lives. Perhaps there would have been more panic, less laughs and very low awareness of what happened if it weren’t for social media. Either way, we would have been saved by our wonderful colleagues; but it wouldn’t have been as good a story without it. Follow the rest of @RadicalDublin’s escapades over on Twitter. We’ll promise to keep it interesting, although we hope we won’t be stuck in a lift the next time we’re tweeting. :)


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