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Adwords Gets Organic!


Google have taken yet another step in the integration of their various products with the announcement yesterday that organic search reports available in Webmaster Tools can now be linked to Google Adwords which will allow a quick comparison of organic and paid traffic. The report will be simply called Paid and Organic with Google Adwords.

The Benefits:
The integration follows on from the connection of the Search Query report into Google Analytics from Google Webmaster Tools. This linkage allowed the same report that can now be linked in Adwords in Analytics under Traffic Sources with a new tab called Search Engine Optimisation with Impressions, Clicks and Click Through Rate and Average Position on search queries, landing pages and top level country summary. This data allows better optimisation in determining what queries organically a keyword was appearing for and the Click Through Rate. The same data will now appear in Google Adwords and overcome the drawback in Analytics of not been able to compare PPC And Organic Traffic side by side making it easy to identify good performance on organic v paid and vice versa and also where improvements can be made in both to maximise overall search traffic.

How to Sync Adwords and Webmaster Tools:
It can currently be linked up in Adwords on the Campaigns section on the Dimensions tab and within the drop down box the Paid and Organic option has been added. However when selected, it will prompt you to link it up to Webmaster Tools. The Webmaster Tools must be on the same log in and access must be administrative in order for it to be linked up. The other option in Adwords to link it up is in the My Account section to select Linked Accounts and then the Webmaster Tools option. A drop down will appear if there is more than one website within the Webmaster Tools account to select which option. It is also possible to link another site, if it happens that within the one account that traffic is being driven to a sister site, which not ideal can happen.

Radical would advise that Google Webmaster Tools and Adwords be connected as soon as possible as the data currently does not pull through retrospectively like it does in Analytics.


2 thoughts on “Adwords Gets Organic!

  1. Really good article!
    I was wondering if you could help me out with this!

    I cant find the way to link accounts! I know the option should appear
    under my account -> link accounts and then webmaster tools, but the
    only options that appear to me are:
    Account access
    Notification Settings
    Adwords API Centre.

    would you recommend me to do? how can i link the accounts if i dont see
    the option there? is there any other way or i did something wrong at
    some point and thats why its not appearing?

    And also as you can see, it doesnt appear Campaigns.

    Did i do something wrong?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi Ana, thanks for the feedback, you appear to be trying to access it on your My Client Centre Level, the functionality is only available at individual account level. So even if you have a number of different accounts for the same website you will need to link them up individually. You cannot pull data through retrospectively so it is very useful to get it linked up as soon as possible. Best of luck!

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