$100 to talk to the Zuck


According to research conducted 46% of people who use Facebook don’t understand how the platform makes money. This may be the case now, but in the wake of the declining Facebook share price after the IPO, Facebook have become a great deal more overt about how they structure their social network. Since the exodus of General Motors from the Facebook advertising space, the longevity of their advertising model and sustainability as a business has come under scrutiny. Soon you may have to part with $100 to message the Zuck himself.

September of 2012 saw a sharp and crude alteration to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, drastically reducing the potential reach of a brand’s Facebook posts overnight. Some have speculated that this, along with the ability to promote individual posts at the click of a button is too coincidental. Many believe this to be integral in an obvious Facebook move to find new avenues to further monetize their operations.

It emerged last week that Facebook are beginning a trial in a new form of messaging service that will borrow from the functionality of rival networks LinkedIn and Twitter. You may have to pay $100 to deliver an inbox message to Mark Zuckerburg and a list of other high ranking individuals on the platform in the near future.

This activity would take place through Facebook’s ‘other inbox’. Of this inbox most users are blissfully unaware, however this Facebook dumping ground may harbour messages you deem important or even critical.

What do you make of Facebook’s plans to charge at different price points to message individuals? Would you use Facebook to privately interact with public figures or celebrities?


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